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Originally Posted by sushestvo
Hi All,
This is great software and I wanted to use it on my new server I just got. But I'm very new to Linux.
I have a server with 2 IPs. ( and and I also have a domain name (
Server I have - already includes clean install of Fedora Core 3. No GUI of course - SSH access only.
In installation Guide is says to set hostname and DNS. I know to set hostname I need to type in my SSH "hostname something" - but what should I type there? My domain? like "hostname"
That's described here:

echo > /etc/hostname
/bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname
You should use or something similar, not just You need to create a DNS record for, but not on your local system, but on the name servers that are authoritative for your domain. Please ask your domain registrar how you can do this. Maybe they have some kind of web interface where you can manage the DNS records for

Originally Posted by sushestvo
Pretty much, before I get to setting up Apt (by installation guide for FC3), what steps should I do and how through SSH? Including DNS, IPs and etc.
You do exactly what is described in the tutorial. Starting with page 3, you can use SSH to run all the commands.
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