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Hey, Sorry about the troubles it's caused... I needed some help finishing it up and thought this was more like Wiki so I posted it before finishing it.

It is an amavisd-new+postfix+debian install that I want to change to MailScanner+postfix+ubuntu install. The Postfix and Ubuntu parts are easy, it's getting MailScanner and MailScanner-MRTG working properly that are difficult.

If you're looking for an amavids-new install, this is not it. Follow the link in the howto for the howto that I'm trying to modify to use MailScanner.

I finally got all of the kinks worked out of a box that is in production with about 15 domains and man handling about 300K messages of spam every day.

I will try to put some hours into updating the HowTo next week.

It's good to see that people are interested in the HowTo tho.

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