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Default FTP access problem...

I have one domain setup under my admin account. I have another domain under another account. I have ftp setup the same (to the best of my knowledge) on both accounts. Under the second domain I can access the ftp files fine, but under the first, I can access the ftp site, but it is in the wrong directory. The directory should point to: /home/www/web1/web/, correct. It actually points to: /home/"username"/.

I have looked in the ISPConfig files, including Vhosts and everything seems to point to /home/www/web1/web/. Why is the ftp site not being directed properly? Would it have anything to do with my LAN setup?

Oh, also when I login to the ISP CP, under the admin account, it does direct me to the appropriate folder.

The second issue may correlate to the first, so I am posting them together. I can access the ftp sites for either domain setup in ISP config from anywhere outside of my server. But when I open my browser on the server and type in the ftp url for either one, I get a "530 Login incorrect!" alert popup. It doesn't even allow me to enter a login. Does this mean that anon users are enabled? If so where else can I disable anon access? I though I did this already...
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