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Default In a way your right


Thanks for your comment,

I'd have suggested Webmin because when you click on a cron job it also shows you when it is scheduled to run..
Webmin is the best I have found sofar without a doubt, and I have I tried all over the web but given up hope for another one with the extra features I want.

I am reluctant to install a desktop for my webserver (KDE or Gnome), because it uses resources i think should be used for the websites.

If I would install a desktop probably some other solutions seem to come in play but, I have not investigated that area ( I came across Gcrontime, grontab and Kron).

Webmin does not let you see how the total off all cronjobs look like over time on your server. You need to click each job to see when it runs.

I think it would be a usefull feature or all systemadministrators though

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