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A reply from the man himself! I'm flattered. Thanks for putting up these guides, it is a great way for folks to get their hands dirty with a concrete goal in mind, as opposed to the "fiddle with it till it breaks" linux learning method.

If I could maybe make one suggestion from a beginner's standpoint, in the dd step for image creation, you might want to put in a note saying that this can take a long time, particulaly if you increase the image size from 1gb. I didn't really have any experience with dd, and since there is no info on it's progress as it is creating the image file I was concerned I had done something wrong. So I would hit ctrl-C after about 2-3 minutes, therefore cancelling the image creation process, but I would see the image file in the directory, and think everything was ok. It was only when I looked at the size did I realize I wasn't getting the full file size. But maybe this is a little too n00bish to actually include in the guide.
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