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Originally Posted by Rocky
I think I have an issue with my setup. I have a domain, called, and created the host and mx records for DNS. I've logged into phpmyadmin and created the domain -->, user --> and forwardings --> to
When I send out a mail from comcast, gmail or hotmail, it seems like its going through, but I dont receive the mail at my computerrens accound. I've checked all the setting in phpmyadmin and everything looks correct.
Am I doing something wrong.
Also, should I be able to pop3 into because when I try to do it, it tells me that the password is incorrect.
Can you have a look at the mail log /var/log/mail.log? What's in there when you send a mail to

Does POP3 tell you that your password is incorrect, or does it tell you that the Maildir for that email address doesn't exist?
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