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Default I am looking for a web interface calendar overview of cron jobs

I been searching for a tool where I can have full overview of a "cron calendar". I have not been succesfull up till now.

This tool should give me a calendar overview of all scheduled cronjobs, which I can walk through (dayview,weekview, monthview). This can make it easier for me to see when what is scheduled and I can better plan without overlaps and avoid peaktimes efficiently. A cool feature would also be that you can directly click on a job what is scheduled to edit the settings.

The webmin interface does not do that, it simply gives me all the cronjobs in a list and I can click to see the the settings per cronjob.

How these cronjobs all together are scheduled in time is not visable.

If anybody has any good suggestions, I would be very greatfull.

Thanks in advance
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