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Hi Falko,

Originally Posted by falko
Make sure you have
mynetworks =
in /etc/postfix/ SuSE likes to add other networks to that variable (you can check with
postconf -d
) so these other networks would be allowed to send through your server without authentication.
I just rechecked the config and what bothers me most is that I have specifically set on the config file

mynetworks_style= host

and also

mynetworks =

Yesterday I did not even made a check after the change to see if it was ok.
Now that you have mentioned it I just gave it a try and to my surprise:

the command postconf -d shows:

mynetwork_style = subnet
mynetworks =

That is my subnet!!!

Aparently this is not affecting me as all email received is not relayed and is rejected.
But this is strange ...

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