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Hi Falko,

Originally Posted by falko
Make sure you have
mynetworks =
in /etc/postfix/ SuSE likes to add other networks to that variable (you can check with
postconf -d
) so these other networks would be allowed to send through your server without authentication.

You are right.
The problem was the default config.
At least in SuSE 10.1 64bit by default mynetwork_style = subnet.
(i thought it was server and localhost by default!! )
And worst, they add (I do not know how) your IP subnet !
But it was really _really_ a coincidence as the server with IP next to mine is a (micros***t) spam server! Always trying to search for relay email.
What a luck.
Had it been an ip in another class C and I guess I would have been safe .

No problem
Now everything is ok and my IP is not listed in no spam list anymore (I actually detected the thing very fast, it was only open for some hours).
When I detected the problem with a trivial ps ax I imediately stoped ... postfix and fixed it

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