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Angry Network Setup Help


Here we go I think I figured out.

1-This is my setup.

Cable Modem connects to Cisco SOHO 91 router.

Cisco socket 1 is connected to the Dell Poweredge 750 running Ubuntu distro. IP
Cisco socket 2 is connected to D-LINK router PI-704 sharing with 4 other PC.IP

If you Ping you should get a response no problem.
If you ping No response.

This definitely confirms that Cisco router is not the trouble.

2- Internal Connection:

From all my PC on the Network I can view the web site doing this.

I can also manage ISPCONFIG with port 81.
I also do these commands and get successful DNS information from all PC.

On my Lunix BOX
Dig works

On a Windows XP

This now confirms that the DNS portion is working fine internally.

Can some one confirm the following?

Where could I have gone wrong with the external signal for others to connect to my box?

I assume itís in the /etc/hosts.conf

Internal IP
Static IP
Gateway IP
Subnet Mark as per my provider
I have inserted or I could not connect to the internet.

Could some one be kind enough to guide me in to where I should do the modifications?
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