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Hallo... as i said previously my server does not even start now. It gets to the Fedora loading screen where you can click on the "link" to see more detail on HOW the Fedora system loads and at that stage it just hangs on the loading of the named service, I could try and leave it for the night and see if it does go further BUT i did previously let it run for some time but it did not progress further than this stage.
I am so sad as everything went so well but now it seems all just goes noware AND i realy do not want to rebuild the server as this will be the 3rd time then I do the installation.
PLEASE HELP me get my server up and running again!!!

I entered the system with the install DVD and went into Resque mode but when i did "tail" it seemed to show me the last few lined of the just started system so I do not know how to see the FAILED log lines. I also am not sure where the named.config file is and if I find it can i just delete it or how will i know what is wrong in it to fix it... I much rather prefer to fix it and not delete the file and start from scratch.

Thanx again

Good news... Ok almost good news...
BOOT 1. I went into Interactive mode for the start and found out if i do NOT start the "named" service the system can go on BUT if i then start the "FirstBoot" the system just gives me a blue screen...

BOOT 2. I then tried a second time... No start on "named" AND No start on "FirstBoot" but when i started the ISPConfig service it does:
/root/ispconfig/httpd/bin/apachectl startssc: httpd started
And then it hands...

BOOT 3. I then tried a third time... No start on "named", No start on "FirstBoot" AND No start on "ISPConfig" and YEA!!!! i can log on now.

So what do I do now??? AGAIN I would prefer not to start over so if I can just fix it I would prefer that.


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