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Default MySQL connection errors

I'm running ISPConfig on SuSE 10, and although installation went well and the system seems to be working, I get regular mysql connection errors when using ispconfig itself and with the sites that I am hosting.

The errors are generally like:
in modules/core/classes/GalleryStorage.class at line 229 (MySqlStorage::error)
in modules/core/classes/GalleryStorage.class at line 449 (MySqlStorage::_getConnection)
in modules/core/classes/Gallery.class at line 223 (MySqlStorage::search)
in modules/core/classes/GallerySession.class at line 911 (Gallery::search)
in modules/core/classes/GallerySession.class at line 261 (GallerySession::_loadSessionData)
in modules/core/classes/Gallery.class at line 315 (GallerySession::init)
in at line 125 (Gallery::initSession)
in main.php at line 73"

and I get similar types of errors while using the ispconfig control panel.

Generally the errors go after refreshing the page a few times, but it makes me think that there's something wrong with the setup.

My googling etc has turned up no clues as to how I can troubleshoot this.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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