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Default thanks again

Hi Falko

thanks again for all your help the DNSCTL thing has been sorted after i have pasted the right info now what i want to know do you have any idea this is the current situation i've got 2 nameservers

1 first nameserver has two IP addresses my

eth0 Public ip and internal DNS
eth0:0 Public IP and ISP DNS (Virtual IP)

now how come if i try and use these (eth0 and eth0:0) as my primary and alternate DNS on my windows Based Machine it does not route out to the internet

and sometimes when i dig a website using my virtual IP like dig it says it cannot be reached but after a couple of seconds i do the same thing and i get a reply what causes this

the only time that it works is when i use my webserver as an alternate DNS but i don't really wanna do this is there any way that i can use my et0:0 as a primary dns and my eth0 as a secondary

i can use my webserver as a primary and it routes fine to the internet but now i don't wanna bring strain on my webserver so i have dedicated 2 machines for dns now i wanna use those

on my 2 Nameservers i've installed

1st server eth0 Public IP own IP as DNS and eth0:0 Public IP and ISP DNS server

2nd server eth0 Public IP and ISP DNS

oh and i've finally decided to add another network card on instead of using a virtual-ip but now i'm not able to assign the second ip on my dns server whenever i do that i get a

eth0 Setting full-duplex based on MII #1 link partner capability of 45e1
eth1 Setting full-duplex based on MII #1 link partner capability of 45e1 (and then it stops it does not take me back to the command line)

and if i try pinging both ip's i do not get a reply so right now i've haven't configured eth1

do you have any idea why this happens or how i can stop it from happening

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