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Originally Posted by falko
Yes, I want you to add the #. This will disable PHP, because this guide is a preparation for the installation of ISPConfig, and in ISPConfig you can enable PHP on a per site basis. If I didn't add the #, then PHP would always be on, no matter you you enable or disable in ISPConfig. If you don't install ISPConfig, then don't add the #.
Hi Falko, I'm glad I found my way to this post, perhaps you could put a mention of the above in the Perfect Sarge Setup guide? I quickly realised why the php was not being parsed but was puzzled why it was being disabled in your guide. I understand now but think it would help others to mention this.

Also I must say "thank you" for providing such an excellent resource. I've learnt so much from the guides here.

Kind Regards,

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