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Default Step by step procedure to configue a DNS server

For Mahir: some explanations about DNS system

First you need to tell your registrar (the location you buy your domain) that you would like to use your ispconfig server for the primary domain name server for your domain.

For me (, i give (my registrar) this information:

As you can see, the first line is the primary DNS server and the second line is the secondary DNS server. The secondary DNS server is provided gracefully by my registrar (most registrar do that).

The most important information on those lines is that when a DNS server is not known by the REGISTRY (dont confuse with the registrar) you must provide two informations, the name of the DNS server ( AND the IP ADDRESS ( so the registry (Verisign for .com or .net, i dont known who is the registry for .nl) can register your DNS server in the internet registry, this is very very important, if not it will not work.

Lets go further.

After you do that you need to wait almost 24 hours for a .com domain, less for another tld like .net or .nl it depends on the registry ...
In the mean time you can configure your ispconfig server.

For the moment go under "DNS Manager" section (ispconfig server) and check the primary DNS server for your domain, it must be (for me, for you you need to replace it with and as second DNS server you must put for me and for you the secondary DNS server provided by (i guess it is your registrar). This is the section DNS, tab "Options" (the second tab) => Names server1 and Name server2 ...

You need to check if you have a "A" entry for with the correct IP@

Now you need to wait until the registry is updated with you IP@ ... it can take 24 hours.

But you can check with dig @ to see if your DNS server is working or not, when the registry is updated you can check with dig ....

But if you want to manage the two DNS servers (primary and secondary) keep in mind that it must be two IP@ and if possible two differents servers (not on the same computer in case of a failure) because the secondary DNS server receive half of the DNS requests for your domain, it is not here only when the primary DNS server is offline ...

In that case you need a second ispconfig server and to configure a slave dns server on it (and dont forget to give this IP@ of the secondary DNS server to the primary DNS server) ...

I hope it was clear enough, at least it is working fine for me.
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