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Default Setting up a DNS server to slave from ISPConfig

Hey all!

Almost 100% complete in my quest to convert from my old self-maintained hosting setup to using ISPConfig to drive it all. The only thing I have left is to make it so I can have my slave DNS server taking updates from ISPConfig.

The way I have things right now in my self-maintained setup is all my zone directives for bind are in a separate file included from named.conf. I also have a perl script which parses this file, switching those zones from a master config to a slave config, then copying the resulting file over to the slave DNS server via a key-based SCP command. A reload is then triggered on the slave so it pulls the new zone over from the master.

Has anyone ever set up something similar with the ISPConfig DNS structure? Maybe even so far as to tie it into the domain creation routines so it's done automatically? I haven't put ISPConfig into control over my DNS yet because of this issue, and it's the last thing I have to figure out


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