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Default it's ispconfig again

I did a "du -h" command in the home folder.
The output was a bit stange again.

2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/a5b536a9f23ed02f4ea9fc2ca5af8190
82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/b173026badad3f9eabc4ff16ab77f19f
2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/b92c6af13b5656b9cde9fd01f469ca31
2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/02993aaf5a5b9d15084c439b9c054ce2
2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/3925010d39c524128b0bd2c5aff564c9
82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/c65b262aa9e6ad3800e9d02be0f8a77a
82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/e739e661b09a09b966bd14b094b61b5
85M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/16aed89f3bd62ac53281e58767387797
2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/a84749fc9e34718b9b4907ada99476d8
2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/baab0e1367bfab3e0fb4c64803ba8d21
2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/51e76053ae83c684384ad95ed407cf29
82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/3a674aa6a0beda97c4f03f51cd017833
16G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp

Of course I just show you the big files and not all the output.
Are thes files necesery.
Can the be deleted? The are in a temp folder, so...

My www folder was as it should be.
201M ./www

Could anybody tell me if I can sagely everything in the ispconfig temp directory?

Thanks in advance

Rgds Edo
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