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I have a problem with my mail server.
I don't know if it is important to mention but I installed the virtual postfix mail server into a openvz vps.

First all works fine, spam filter, anti virus, everything works fine when I send a spam test or eicar mail.

After few test mails things start to go wrong.

Aug 13 19:07:01 mail amavis[16283]: (16283-02) lookup_sql: 2006, MySQL server has gone away
Aug 13 19:07:01 mail amavis[16283]: (16283-02) NOTICE: Disconnected from SQL server
Aug 13 19:07:01 mail amavis[16283]: (16283-02) TROUBLE in check_mail: creating_partsdir FAILED: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: MySQL server has gone away at (eval 38) line 238, <GEN17> line 240.
Aug 13 19:07:01 mail amavis[16283]: (16283-02) PRESERVING EVIDENCE in /var/lib/amavis/amavis-20060813T051002-16283

Amavis doesn't see the mysql server anymore wich is also running in a seperate openvz vps.
Wen i check the mysql server it is online and working.
I use ip numbers instead of host names so it can't be a dns problem.
Mysql and dns servers are running oke.
Amavis can't reach mysql anyway.

After I restart the mail vps everything works fine again.
when i send few test mails the server fails again.

I searched google and the forum messages couldn't find a posting with a solution to this problem.

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