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Originally Posted by falko
Do you use Maildir or mbox? Which POP3 daemon do you use? Did you follow any of the howtos to set up your server? If so, which one?
I am Linux beginner user. I installed Suse9.3 after The Perfect Setup - SUSE 9.3 Version 1.0 guide. Author: Falko Timme <>.
The thing is that I do not use ISPConfig, Proftpd, Webalizer, netdate and have not Installed Perl Modules.
Via root shell using #telnet localhost 25,#mail from: <xxx@xx.xx> and
#rcpt to: <yyy@yy.yy> really sends the message and the adresee receives it. I do not know, what is Maildir and mbox. That is why I cannot tell what exactly do I use.
As far as I understand the problem is with users mail directory or some alias files locatins - or I just do not know how to create a new user.
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