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Ok - Getting very frustrated here...

I still have autoresponder problems, only V2.2.4 auto responder works for me!
Have tried V2.2.5 and V2.2.6 - in both the autoresponder does not work at all!

Here is my build;

1) Debian 3.1 perfect install on a vmware guest - this base debian build was saved as a fresh base..

2) Install either V2.2.5 or V2.2.6 on this base and autoresponder does not work. Install V2.2.4 on it and it does work!

With V2.2.6 - I installed it on a fresh base (which has only all the steps of the "perfect install" on it. I have not installed anything extra not even a webmail client yet, just to make sure that those were not causing greif...

Still not working!

Any ideas guys? Anyone else here installed v2.2.5/6 on Debian 3.1 and have autoresponder working ok?

PS: If I had any hair left I'd be pulling it out right now - lol

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