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Default Several errors and ideas for features

Hi there,
I'm currently implementing a new hosting server setup so I will just give my two cents about my experience with ISPConfig. What is still buggy, what features would be cool etc.

"Something is wrong" with the "Max. Domain" setting, I believe. I often receive errors like the following when changing any information about a site (like traffic limit or something else).
This website already has 13 domain(s). You cannot decrease the number of domains.
Even if the site only has 2 domains. (Which the textbox also said before). Note that I have also seen the number 6 instead of 13...

Wouldn't it be cool to relate the sites to the Hosting Plan that was initially selected when they were set up? Like that I could just say that some plan now has 10 more MB of space available and there would be no need for a mouseclick orgy across all sites.

Duplicate email aliases seem to be detected as they are not added. However there is no error message indicating that there was a duplicate. Not good.

It is not cool that I have to create a real user even if I only want an email forwarder. I would like to make a distinction between how many real users, forwarders etc. can be created.

So much for today.
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