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Default I am an amateur Ben


Is this output after restarting the machine or directyl from console (if you have the possibility to access the machine directly).

This is the output i get in Putty

Can you take a look in /var/log/message by the time of the connection broke, if there were any packets on port 22 logged?

No port connections found by me

By the way I have not restarted the machine yet since I lost connection, because of this thread ( I am installing this machine as an extra testing machine)

I do have access to the machine directly, and could do just that and had also consirered it allready. But i wanted to make sure I would not mess anything up and start from scratch


I am happy to reinstall, that's not the issue, I just want to be sure i am doing the right thing and in the mean time learn from it.

Up till now I have worked with putty and winscp

When you say screen you mean I should just restart installing ISPconfig from he commandlines on the machine itself ?

By the way something else ( again i am still learning)

How do I savely stop (shutdown computer completely) a correctly installed ISPconfigsystem from the commandline ?
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