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Default ProFTPd - 500 Permission denied - can't upload


I'm a linux newbie and it is my first time installing a server. I followed the The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server (Dapper Drake) guide with no problems.

The only problem is that the webserver is in /var/www and the default FTP upload directory is /home/admin... so basically I can't upload any website at all.

Looking through some documentation I changed my config file from this:
DefaultRoot ~
To this:

DefaultRoot /var/www
So now I can see the directory where my web files are stored, but when I tried to upload I get an 500 Error telling me Permission denied.

Then I changed to:

DefaultRoot /
In order to have acces to both directories (/var/www and /home/admin) and apparently I have all the permissions to write in /home/admin but no permissions in /var/www... I need to use this server as a webserver. Please help! How do I set up this permissions?

As a side note... I didn't install ISPConfig because I think I have to install it from my /var/www directory and I couldn't upload the files there. Is this correct?
Also I am not sure if I need it, I wan't this server for seting up an intranet, and the graphical control panel sounded good for a newbie like me.
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