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Thanks for the reply

When web1 has been deleted, this group remains and is not deleted. Is this normal or have I got another problem here ? If it IS normal, would it not be better for the group to be deleted also, once the web has been removed from the recycle bin ?

It should be deleted after you've deleted the web site also from the recycle bin.
OK. Can you tell me where in the ISPConfig code this group deletion takes place so that I may find out why it is not working on my system ?

This brings me onto another issue..... after playing around with ISPConfig, and removing it and reinstalling it etc, ISPConfig seems to have no regard for already assigned UIDs. It seems to always start with 10001 regardless of whether this is already in use or not. .This causes immediate problems with /etc/passwd and /etc/group (and may have been the initial cause of my problems).

Therefore you can set the starting user id and group id under Management -> Server -> Settings -> Other. You have to go sure yourself that these ids do not interfere with others you use on the system.
Setting the starting user id and group id is all good and well, but if i do a manual groupadd for whatever reason, it will ALWAYS use the last used id + 1 and therefore the next group ISPConfig adds will be the same.
So basically, if this is not changed/fixed, the command groupadd can never be used by anyone or any application without specifying an id
Would it not make more sense for ISPConfig to check first ?
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