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Default wtf??

hey Falko.. you should make a perfect setup using php4 for suse 10.1 being everyknown script on the planet uses it.. or just a php5 to 4 walkthru just a thought.

php5 ..blows..

boy I wish I could figure out this yast panel stuff..
sounds like people have no trouble.. "removal of php5 and all modules and install php4 and modules"..
man I wish there were instructions and steps to follow or someone would make or say HOW TO REMOVE AND INSTALL..being there are no remove or install areas in yast labled that way..because I'm having nothing BUT trouble.. Im new to Linux.. and suse.. this is just like when I was trying to figure out some of the terminal window stuff.. like :save! or :quit.. real simple basic stuff easy to learn if someone actually says.. to edit a file type vi (view) then the path, example vi /etc/somefile to edit the file you need to hit the insert key once and then your in edit mode.. edit the file..when your finished hit the esc key and type :save! /ect/somefile then hit return.. then on success you'll see a written!.. near the bottom.. thats saved.. to leave this area type :quit.. OH SORRY if I let out some secret commands.. I know that took me about 30 forums and 3 days to pry that simple info out of people.. but this is what Im saying.. you guys are pretty informed on how this stuff works and assume people are as knowing as you are.. not me, I know jack to speak.. and jack just cut out, and the ship is sinking..

I was not in on the design of linux or suse 10.1 nor am I a linux programmer or all knowing systems admin, I'm a plain reg guy trying to run my own personal website server..asking questions and reading forums because I DONT KNOW..

anyway enough of my whine and crying.. sorry the whole vauge thing gets to me..look, this is it.. all my troubles, and I bet tons of other peoples troubles would be solved because having the perfect-fix-up for changing from php5 to php4 with detailed step by step instructions would rock...

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