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Default Webalizer issue


I have this big problem and that is that ispconfig / webalizer doesn't create a /stats directory on every new site I make and don't update the stat files.

First I thought it had something to do with the installation of my OS (debian 3.1). So I tried another (CentOS 4.3) but stil no luck. Even with my third try (Fedora core 5) still no luck.

For your information: Every (perfect) installation of one of the above OS-ses did go very well. With Centos and Fedora I didn't had to configure Webalizer at al, so I couldn't make any mistakes with it.

The same with ISPConfig 2.2.5 All the installations (3 Os-ses) went smoothly and without any errors. I really don't know what the problem is?

Off course I tried several options like pointed out in this forum (like stop cron (or crond), kill it, edit the crontab, doing nothing with it, and save it as it is.... No luck for me.

Alright, the manual commands are working as the should be, but I want it to let it works automated.

As I see it, 2 things can be wrong. The first is, that I doing something wrong with installation. I don't know, because I litterly follow the perfect installs of the relevant OS-ses. The second is that there is something not working 100%after the installation of ISPConfig, but I can't figured it out.

Well, I can make a new cronjob of it, but maybe someone have the right sollution, or even more important, what's the problem with webalizer.

Many thank's in advance.
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