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Default Another Awstats Configuration Thingy For ISPConfig

Hi all,

OK, I managed to get Awstats to work with every sites I created using ISPConfig. Most of the changes are hardcoded and it might not work with every installation. I am not that good in PHP but I am learning

I do have a problem with a line of code in config.lib.php and I hope someone could help me.

    $mod->tpl->assign( array( SERVERNAME => $servername.$web_port,
                        IP => $web["web_ip"].$web_port,
                        DOCUMENTROOT => $document_root,
                        SERVERALIAS => $serveralias,
                        DIRECTORYINDEX => $directory_index,
                        CGI => $cgi,
                        WEB_ERROR_LOG => $mod->system->server_conf["server_path_httpd_root"]."/web".$web["doc_id"]."/log/error.log",
                        SERVERADMIN => "webmaster@".$web["web_domain"],
                        PHP => $php,
                        SSI => $ssi,
                        WAP => $wap,
                        ERRORALIAS => $error_alias,
                        ERROR => $error,
                        WEB => "web".$web["doc_id"],
                        HTTPD_INCLUDE => $web_httpd_include,
                        SUEXEC => $suexec,
                        REWRITE_RULE => $rewrite_rule,
                        FRONTPAGE => $frontpage,
                        SSL => $ssl,
                        HTTPD_ROOT => $mod->system->server_conf["server_path_httpd_root"]));
If you look at the above code, (Line 1542 - WEB_ERROR_LOG), that array is where ISPConfig added the line ErrorLog in the Vhost_ispconfig.php for all virtualhost on port 80. I tried to change that by adding a variable at the top

$error_log = "Hello";

and then used that in the array, as follows :-

WEB_ERROR_LOG => $error_log,

Now, instead of just

AddHandler cgi-script .pl
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4 .php5

it becomes

AddHandler cgi-script .pl
ErrorLog Hello
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4 .php5

Where does it get the ErrorLog thingy from?
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