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Default SSL Setup In ISPConfig


First of all, I would like to say that this is the best Open Source Control Panel that I have ever tried. There are others but the ISPConfig is the most easiest to install with the documentations provided, for basically all the major distro.

OK, back to the issue in hand. I have added a site in ISPConfig, ie. hostname = www and domain = I've checked all the appropriate checkboxes, eg. CGI Scripts, PHP Scripts, MySQL, SSL, etc.. Next, I created the SSL for the site, using the SSL tab.

Now, in apache conf file for virtualhost, ie. Vhost_ispconfig.conf, ISPConfig created the appropriate directives. My problem is that I only need to be secure, eg.

How do I go about doing it? Do I need to create a separate site in ISPConfig, eg. hostname = secure and domain =

To summarise what I needed done,

1) accessible by https ONLY, not both https and http

2) accessible by http ONLY, not both https and http

Is there a way to do this without creating 2 site or editing the Vhost_ispconfig.conf (though this is pointless as it gets overwritten whenever I modify or add any site)?

If there is a way, a detailed instructions on doing this in the control panel is greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, can I suggest that this option be implemented in future versions? Maybe adding the hostname in the SSL tab itself.

Thanks in advance.
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