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Question site works but ISPConfig login gone?

Ok I'm getting to the point where I can Install this without the
Ok this is whats happening I have installed ispconfig a few different ways.. a few times with just the http login and a few times with the https.. I wanted to keep the https way, but this is whats happening, I get it all working flawless.. I get the php in and working.. files installed web site domain .. all the Arecords.. Flawless.. then I lose access to the ispconfig login. I'm not changing anything.. this is what I'm doing.
I have 5 ip's 25-29 gateway 30, now I have two machines I load the first machine with ip 111.222.333.25.. everything is fine.. no trouble

If I load machine 2 with ip 111.222.333.26 I lose access to machine 1 using the 111.222.333.25 ip.. everything works.. the site loaded ftp.. I just cant access the http:111.222.333.25:81 or the works.. just no more access to the http://whatever:81

Now again I just have access to the second ispconfig..111.222.333.26..? or the last one I installed
two different machines, different ips, they share the same connection thats it.. what is happening? why am I losing access to the first ispconfig area? do I have to set this up different because I have two machines?

thanks for the help.

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