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Red face

I got it working. figured out the script problem and my result was:
2x cp change adding --parents parameter to copy with full path and added "grep -v \(" to exclude lines which have ( in them (since libs shouldn't have them in their path).

APPS="/bin/env /usr/bin/wget /usr/bin/ftp /usr/bin/ldd /sbin/ldconfig /usr/bin/dig /bin/traceroute /usr/bin/host /bin/sh /bin/grep /bin/cat /bin/vi /bin/gzip
/bin/gunzip /usr/bin/mc /bin/bash /bin/ls /bin/mkdir /bin/mv /bin/pwd /bin/rm /usr/bin/id /usr/bin/ssh /bin/ping /usr/bin/dircolors"
for prog in $APPS;  do
echo "===========";
echo $prog;
#sleep 1
    cp $prog ./ --parents

    # obtain a list of related libraries
    ldd $prog > /dev/null
    if [ "$?" = 0 ] ; then
    LIBS=`ldd $prog | awk '{ print $3 }' | grep -v \(`
    echo $LIBS
    for l in $LIBS; do
        #mkdir -p ./`dirname $l` > /dev/null 2>&1
        cp $l ./ --parents
my problem is that using ping (or traceroute) it returns host not found or some other resolving failure.
dig works, and pinging numeric ip's work.
also ssh works connecting by ip address but not by name.

i have copied
also to their chroot locations, but still no luck.

it does reads hosts file , I tested that.
but doesn't seem to do dns lookups
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