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Originally Posted by falko
Where exactly do you have problems during the installation? Is it because you made wrong answers to the questions of the installer, or is it something else?
Sometimes it was a keystroke problem and sometimes the mysql / other services issue. There is a point where it askes for mysql server, I was confused at that prompt and hit enter there. The setup crashed and I had to restart the setup. At one time the /tmp/install* directory was erased (don't know how) and the setup refused to start at all (because the install dir was gone).

The worse part that I hated was to create the certs every time the setup was started. The setup should have detedted the certs (already made) and continued after that.

In the final attempt I made the DSA certs and went through expert install process.

Finally the setup completed fine and the whole setup is working. :-) Thanks for help.


Chetan Bhargava
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