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Originally Posted by sevar
I have a NS ( and both on the same server, but with different IP addresses. The howto describes how to setup nameserver with ispconfig installed on two different servers? Could someone please explain how to setup two nameservers on the same server, but with two IP addresses.
You just install BIND on your server (I guess you already have because you have ISPConfig installed ), and you must have both IP addresses configured on your server. Then you point to your first IP address and to your second. In ISPConfig, you just create master records, there are no zone transfers necessary to your secondary DNS because ns1 and ns2 are using the same BIND.

Originally Posted by sevar
Also, the nameservers currently provide resolution for around 22 sites. How can I move the nameservers over to my new ispconfig-powered server without discontinuation in service for all those domains (some of which are owned/administered by others)?
Go to ISPConfig, set up all records for your 22 domains, test them wit the
command, and at the end, if everything is fine, you go to your registrars web interface and change the name servers for each of your 22 domains to and
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