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apparently nobody pays attention to what they put-out in the how-to, i also had the same problem and i started a thread earlier today with the same problem, and i got no answer...what i did was...on page 1 like at the vary top there is also a how-to that says it is similar and i used that link to install amavis and i followed that how-to after i did the "how-to" on here and was wondering where the install for amavis was, where was mailscanner and where did i create the "amavis" users and groups...i followed the other one and everything work like a seems that all "howtoforge" needs to do is add the "install amavis" section right before you install pyzor, and all of the other stuff...just start off on the other "how-to" ( from the install amavis part and you will see that is practically the same thing as the one on here
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