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I have a feeling that this problem is related to a malfunction with 42goisp...

Everytime I add a new site inside 42goisp, it takes a couple of minutes before the home directory and the settings in the Vhosts_42go.conf file get changed. It seems that immediately prior to this, the oom-killer message block above appears in the messages & syslog.

I have been talking to Til at projektfarm about another problem, in that the home directories are created owned by root instead of the owner I have set in the server-settings-web- httpd User ...

I also notice that I have to keep repairing the 42go db because when I check it it has a few tables with the error:
warning: 3 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly

I wonder if these problems are related...

The history of this installation is that the 42go db and configuration as well as blocks of the password, shadow, group & gshadow files are copied from an existing older server running apache 1.3. This one is running Apache 2, but more or less the same version of mysql (4.0.24 as opposed to 4.0.18). I have modified the isp_server & isp_server_ip tables manually to have the correct ip address and look for apache2 instead of apache, but maybe I have missed something?....

Of course it could be coincidence that the oom-killer is kicking in when I use 42goisp - it is about the only thing I am doing at the moment....

If you can provide any insight it would be very useful :-)
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