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Originally Posted by falko
Do the nameservers your server uses resolve correctly?
I will check on that to see. I think that may be the problem. Last night I setup SSH/PuTTY to connect to my server while away for this very reason--to check settings. SSH is working, but only in the terminal. Only because I ama newbie to the linux environment, is there a GUI that will show me the desktop so I could navigate in that manor? Something like remote control or terminal services?

Originally Posted by falko
Did you try Passive Transfers in your FTP client for both accounts? Might be a firewall issue.
Where do I set the "Passive Transfers"? Last night I found that I didn't have ftp aliased for After I assigned the alias I could login and see the directories, but they we the wrong ones--the index.html, for instance was the ISPConfig default instead of the one I created for this site.

I have a router firewall enabled, the Fedora firewall enabled, and the firewall installed in your "The Perfect Setup".
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