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I am having this same exact issue. (Ubuntu 5.10, ISPConfig

Just upgraded yesterday to 2.2.5 from 2.2.3. I've upgraded before without issue.


When the catchall is enabled I cannot use a mail client (TBird or outlook) because I get a server timeout error however when I turn off the catchall I can then log in with my email client.

I've run through suggestions above and my system look to be set up in the same manner as Zarelli and output looks to be good as well.

I have made other changes yesterday as well. Changed hostname but tested before upgrade and server was functioning. I've gone through postfix walkthrough as described on the perfect setup for 5.10 as well as rechecked DNS (using registrar for DNS)

--Will be happy to provide logs, files everything but physical access to the server to help resolve this issue.

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