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Default Cannot login as root to the newly created VMServer

It's a really great step-by-step on how to install the vmware-server. And it worked for me nearly perfectly. All seems to be properly installed and working apart from one little detail:

everytime i try to login to the server either with a web browser or console as root i get the nasty error message "Permission denied: Login incorrect" and i have no idea this happens.

i succeed to log in as another user but than i have no control of the server.

this is what i found in the /var/log/vmware-mui/error_log :

Tue Jul 25 09:08:44 2006] [warn] Invalid session key (1) .\n
[Tue Jul 25 09:08:45 2006] [vmware error] VMware::Management::Util line 173: -4: Permission denied: Login (username/password) incorrect
[Tue Jul 25 09:08:45 2006] [vmware error] VMware::Management::SxLogin line 177: -4: Permission denied: Login (username/password) incorrect

During installation i had no problems and stuck to this howto.

Any thoughts how to debug this?
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