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Originally Posted by falko
Why don't you use eth0 to host your web sites?
That's what I'm doing, except that my network card is only getting traffic bound for one of my hostnames. I want to add dummy interfaces so that I can get traffic bound for multiple hosts. Here's how the set up on 'their' end works:

1. You register a MAC address and pick a hostname for it.
2. Whenever that MAC address requests a DHCP lease, it is given an IP address valid in that building's subnet. At the same time, the DHCP server sends an update to the DNS server, telling it the new IP of that particular hostname.
3. I have no control over the DNS server, or the DHCP server. All I can do is register MAC addresses to myself.

Basically I need one network card to broadcast DHCP requests for multiple dummy cards. I know it's possible because Parallels and VMware both do it with their virtual ethernet devices. Howerver, I don't want to do any virtualization.

Anybody have any tips?
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