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Default Installed 2.2.5 but lost content in ISPconfig

I was installing 2.2.5 over my 2.2.3 Ispconfig installation and just typing my passphrase.

I made a typo at the verification of this passphrase and I asumed that if i just gave an enter, the install script would ask me to retype the the original and verification one again.

Instead it aborted the installscript and gave an error.

I thought not to worry and started reinstalling 2.2.5 but found out that at the end of the script It was installing a brand new installation whitout keeping my data.

My sites still work (which is good) but I can't handle/administer these sites through ISPconfig anymore.

It there a apossibility to incorperate the "I assume lost" data again ? in the 2.2.5 installation ?

Thanks in advance for any bright ideas.

And yes : How could I be so stupid not to make a backup of my data before doing the install !!!

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