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Default Same issue here...

Hello there,

I followed Falko's tutorial on preparing SuSE 9.3 for ISPConfig and afterwards the installation howto on Everything works fine, except for the web access to subdirectories of the individual document root (/home/www/webXX/web). I can access the index.html via the browser, but when I try to access any subdirectories (including the individual error pages) Apache gives me an 403 error.
The permissions are set to the site's admin (web1_adm.web1). "Chown -R wwwrun.www" and even "chmod -R 777" didn't solve it. A new installation from scratch with /srv/www as DocumentRoot had the same result.
When I set up a new site manually without having it managed by ISPConfig, everything works fine. So I guess it must be an issue with ISPConfig's way on setting up SuSE's Apache2.

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