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hi there,

I have a similar question.
I am just moving mz data from one server to another and actually everything works so far. only one problem occured so far:

when movin /var/www/webmail which contains my webmail folder (squirrelmail) it does not work anymore.

exactly this happens:

I got to and choose squirrelmail which should bring me to the login page of squirrelmail, but instead the php code is displayed. if I manually navigate to squirrelmail: it works, so this does not look like a generic php problem.

also if I put a info.php file containing
it works...

any idea where to start looking for the problem?


I found the error: there was a space after ?> although I have no clue how that could happen, as I followed the instructions from this forum how to move folders and maintaining the owners and properties of folders...

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