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Default dummy devices and dhcp?

My school's network is set up in such a way that when it sees a MAC address you have registered to yourself, it assigns it an IP address and updates its entry in the campus DNS servers. So basically, no matter where I plug in to the network, I will always get the same hostname (but not IP address, since each building is in a different subnet). I'd like to be able to get dummy ethernet devices to broadcast DHCP requests, with their own MAC addresses so that I can get traffic bound for multiple hostnames sent to my machine. Essentially, I want the network to think my one ethernet adapter is actually a hub (a bridge maybe?) with multiple computers on it, so that I can then host multiple websites using Apache's virtual hosting abilities.

I've added a dummy device (dummy0) with
modprobe dummy
It shows up in ifconfig, and when I set the IP manually, I can ping it. When I try to
dhclient dummy0
it times out.

I've tried bridging eth0 and dummy0 with:
ifdown eth0
ifdown dummy0
brctl addbr br0
brctl addif dummy0
brctl addif eth0
ifconfig br0 up
ifconfig eth0 up
ifconfig dummy0 up
Since the br0 device takes on the MAC address of eth0, it gets a valid IP via DHCP with no problems. Trying to get dummy0 to get an IP still doesn't work.

All of these commands are run with root priviledges. I'm using ubuntu 6.06.

Can anyone point in the right direction?
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