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Originally Posted by crudolphy
1.) Would like to setup using the Silicone Image Raid 0. Do you think there would be a problem with this?
I guess no, if you get linux drivers for this raid controller. But I do not have experience with this raid controller.

2.) Do you think I have enough horsepower for this kind of setup?

3.) I would want all virtual machines on the same NAT'd ip subnet, ie. 192.168.1.x. The MB provides (2) 10/100 ethernet ports. One is Nvidia based the other is 3Com based. I currently only use the Nvidia based and have the 3Com disabled in the bios setup. Would there be an advantage to enabling the second 3Com ethernet port? Are there any problems to watch out for with two active ethernet ports?
No, one network card is enough.

4. ) The "How To" states that it doesn't matter whether you setup the VMWare server over a Ubuntu "Desktop" or "Server" setup. However as I read through the "How To" it would seem that it might be "better practice"?? to install the Ubuntu "Server" setup, then the VMWare server and management interface, then setup up virtual hosts for your desktops. One for Ubuntu and one for Windows. What do you think of this?
I recommend to install ubuntu desktop (not server) as you want to use it as your primary OS. Then use either VMWare Server or VMWare player to run windows in a VM.
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