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Question commercial ISP usage

thanks for the reply Falco

Are anyone else using this in a commercial environment.

If I had to give the FTP access to clients (normal users), and they see all the funny files , and start to delete them they will mess up their whole account.

Q1: Is there a way to give them FTP so that they will only see the web folder ?

like with IIS(windows) and webserver Linux where website is stored under /var/www/xxx and the user files under different location eg. /home/user.

Q2: Or do we have to train our users never to delete the other files , and teach them to always publish/upload/sync their website to the "web" directory .
Train then not to touch the "maildir,users, phptmp, log directories and the .xxx files"

I need to make this as fail save for laymen and resellers when the want to upload and edit their websites.

I also see that all the e-mail users also have FTP access , to their repective home directories though.

Q3 :Can one disable them ?

This server is stil in our testing zone , and we are evaluating ISPconfig as a panel for our users, most which will never use the actual interface but will use the webmail, ftp , hosting facility.

I hope my question is clear enough.

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