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Default ISPConfig install failure

G'day all,

I recently installed ISPConfig on CentOS 4.3 using perfect setup etc. and got it to work first time except when trying to install Joomla on a domain, the Joomla install showed me that there was no MySQL support available. After many late nights looking through forums I decided to reinstall everything. After running through perfect setup, I checked PHP/MySQL support, everything OK. So onto ISPConfig, everything OK. It all seems to install OK however I am unable to bring up the ISPConfig login page. If I hit the IP address of the install I get the Apache/CentOS default page rather than the ISpConfig shared IP page. From this I would assume ISPConfig is not running, however if I stop and start the ISPConfig service it shows as starting.

I have reinstalled 4 times this week and still get the same problem!!
I am very new to this and obviously need some help.

Thanks in advance,


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