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Question Have to manually add virtual server without WWW?

I have added a site in ISPconfig and I have the hostname left blank, and the domain to because if i add a hostname it just adds that before my domain with a dot, like this, and i dont want that because thats not the right domain i want.

Anyway, after saving the settings, i come back and notice that "www" has been put in the hostname field, even if i delete it again and come back, its there again. This is causing a problem because mail only gets sent to, it doesnt get sent to, which is what i want, it has to have the "www" before it which is stupid.

Also in order to have it so that people can go to without the "www", I have to add another virtual server in apache without the "www" in order for that to happen. And because in ISP config i have enabled phpscripts on the site, i cannot access php files through For example i uploaded phpBB to, and it works if i go 2 that url, but if i go 2 the same URL all i get is a text file of the php script indicating that php isnt enabled on that domain!

Is there a special way to add a site where both and works without having to add another virtual server??? Because its not letting me add another site in ispconfig without the www anyway, and plus i dont want 2 seperate file locations for the www domain, and the normal one.

Help would be GREATLY appriciated, thanks in advance!

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