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Default Problems with the Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL tutorial


I've followed the instructions posted at as best I could, but have run into a couple snags.

It's worth mentioning that I'm a not a newbie at this stuff, although most of my experience with MTAs in the past have been with Sendmail and Qmail.

My host OS is Ubuntu 6.06, and the first snag I ran into was trying to figure out where the amavisd.conf file should go. Apt-get installs v. 2.3.3-3 of amavisd-new, and this version no longer uses a monolithic amavisd.conf file, but rather a collection of files in /etc/amavisd/conf.d. I wound up sticking the contents of the article's suggested amavisd.conf into the 50-user file, and while it seems to be working, I'm wondering what the potential downfalls of this approach are, or how I would evaluate which directives are being employed or ignored.

My second problem is that mail is getting delivered to /var/spool/mail/user, and not /home/vmail/domain/user, and how I might correct that. The .cf files in /etc/postfix are exactly as described in the how-to, and I can login to the POP server using courier-authdaemon/authmysql, but I can't get mail delivered to the /home/vmail directory.

Any suggestions on these matters would be most welcome, including pointers to previous discussions I might have missed in my searching.
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