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Question can't initialize iptables table `filter

I have Debian 3.1 64 bit with php4 & 5 using the install guides from "perfect...."

everything was ok the first 2-3 hours, but then everything got slower & slower, so this is the only thing I found as an error but I don't know how to fix this. I searched the forums, but I didn't find an answer.

cp:~# iptables -L
FATAL: Module ip_tables not found.
iptables v1.2.11: can't initialize iptables table `filter': iptables who? (do you need to insmod?)
Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.

this is the kernel I'm using
cp:~# uname -r

after rebooting it seemed to work but only shortly, getting into the hosting panel is ok but not the installed website.

thanx for any help.

BTW- my provider gave the server a name like SERVER.PROVIDER.DE - I reinstalled Debian and change the server to something like CP.MYDOMAIN.NET added to hosts, does this effect the installtion or sites?
The hardware box said use Win98 or better, so I installed Debian
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