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Originally Posted by falko
What's in /etc/amavis/amavisd.conf?
Well after further testing, I found that in fact 99% of mail is now working correctly! With content-filter turned on.

The only thing that isn't working with 'content-filter' on, is if I send an email like the following:
From: external address

Eg, if I send an email to the same person, in 'To', and 'CC'. Or the same person in 'To' twice.
Or if I send to and an alias (eg that forwards to the same address,

But I'm thinking thats how mail servers are supposed to work?
If an email is addressed to the same person more than once, it only delivers it once.

That was were I was getting the problem above, i was sending email to myself, and an alias to myself.

All other mail now works fine!!
So the amavisd content filter is working.

Thanks falko for your assistance!

Hopefully this helps someone else, if they have the same issue.

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