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Default 4 questions about ispconfig and domains, please help!

I have a number of questions and will greatly appreciate your help!

1) Samba
After I installed ISPConfig on suse 10.1 and enabled its firewall, samba naturally stopped to work. Samba manual says the following:

Port 135/TCP - used by smbd
Port 137/UDP - used by nmbd
Port 138/UDP - used by nmbd
Port 139/TCP - used by smbd
Port 445/TCP - used by smbd

So I opened these ports in ispconfig, and the windows pcs (I have two windows pcs on my local network) again gained access to the shares on the lunux pc. OK, BUT - not the other way round, that is, I can't mount a samba folder on the linux pc (this folder should provide access to a shared folder on one of my windows pcs). The samba manual says that "the high order ports (1024-65535) are often used for outgoing connections and therefore should be permitted through the firewall". But how can I enable these ports in ispconfig? I tried inputting something like 1024-65535 in the rule's port field - but ispconfig returns an error. So - is there a way to allow outgoing connections for high order ports without having to input all the single ports manually (like 1024, 1025, etc)? I hope there is a solution, because the single port input is obviously out of the question.

2) one name server
is it enough to have just one primary name server for a domain? let's say i have configured with the help of ispconfig - can I just state in the primary ns field of, let's say, domain? Will it work if the secondary name server field is left empty? Or can I put for the secondary name server as well?

3) two name servers on one ispconfig linux pc
can i configure AND on the same pc? (I have several external ips). If yes, how? (Basically i have only one pc with 10 ips that i can use as a server)

4) let's say i have two name servers and configured with the help of ispconfig. can i use this domain TEST.COM also for hosting a website, ftp, mail, etc? If yes, WHERE do i need to input all the pertinent information - mx records, etc - ?

I realize that some of my questions can sound rather stupid, but I'm learning...
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